Wyndham Extra Holidays

Q. The salesperson said Wyndham could rent my points for me. Is that true?

A. That timeshare salesperson is likely referring to Wyndham’s Extra Holidays program that allows owners to rent out reservations for extra cash. There are two things you should know upfront. First, Extra Holidays takes a 40% percent cut for their efforts. They do all the leg work from marketing to payment processing. They also take on the risk that comes with renting to perfect strangers. You sit back and collect a check. It may sound like a massive take, but for what they provide, it’s not an unreasonable fee in my opinion. Second, Wyndham doesn’t have to rent all the days in your reservation. If you book a full week, and the buyer only wants three nights, that is all you get paid for, unless someone else takes the other four nights. You also lose the points for those four nights and only get paid for three nights, minus the 40% commission. What’s worse, is the buyer can cancel without penalty, three days before check-in. If they do, you do not get paid. Finally, you will get a tax form at the end of the year, for your taxes. You have to pay taxes on what you earned. They do not guarantee your reservation will get rented. I only recommend this program if you do not have friends and family to rent to, and do not feel comfortable renting to strangers. Also, assuming you are ok with taking the risk that you lose all your points and don’t get paid for the reservations because they couldn’t rent it out, or the buyer canceled last minute


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