Converting Points to Maintenance Dollars

Q. How do I convert my points to maintenance fee dollars?

A. To convert your points to maintenance fee dollars, you have to have a reservation transaction credit. You get 1 reservation credit for each 77k points each year, but you can also buy one at the $19.00 fee online or $29 if you do it over the phone. It also has to be within the deadline.

Non-VIP Owners must convert points within the first three months of Use Year.

Silver VIP Owners must convert points within the first six months of Use Year.

Gold VIP Owners must convert points within the first nine months of Use Year.

Platinum VIP Owners can convert anytime during your Use Year.

The exchange rate is .0021 cents per point or $2.10 per 1,000 points. If you are a CWA owner with 100,000 points, your maintenance fees are at least $657 a year but could be as high as $754 a year. If you convert all 100,000 points to maintenance fee dollars, you would only get $210. If you own 100,000 Canterbury deeded points, your maintenance fees on those are at least $417 a year but could be as high as $514 a year. If you convert those 100,000 to maintenance fee dollars, you would only get $210 towards those fees. This is all assuming you don’t have to pay an extra fee for a reservation transaction credit. So no matter what you own, you’ll never pay for all your maintenance fees with your points.

Wyndham rewards

As a side note, you can use the Wyndham rewards program to pay your maintenance fees, by converting your future Club Wyndham points to Wyndham rewards points. You cannot convert your current use year points. For every 1,000 Club Wyndham points, you get 400 Wyndham rewards points. The fee to convert is $99. You get $50 for every 10,000 Wyndham rewards points. So, 100,000 Club Wyndham points would only get you $200 in maintenance fee money. Then you have to factor in the $99 fee. So really, you only get $101 towards maintenance fees. It’s a worse conversion then converting points to maintenance fee dollars with the program described above. If you want to use Wyndham rewards points to pay your fees, its best not to use your Club Wyndham points. Use points you earn with hotel stays or the Wyndham rewards credit card. That will save you the $99 conversion fee.

You also may want to consider using those Wyndham rewards points for something else, such as gift cards or hotel stays. You will get a much better deal. The free hotel stays will allow you to get a nice vacation without using your Club Wyndham rewards points. The gift cards will save you money on gifts for other people. Or you can use them on yourself and save some cash that way. There are alternatives to using the Wyndham rewards, that might be a better deal them using them for maintenance fee money.

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You should never convert points to maintenance fees! Everyone should know the value of their points. This is easy. Take the total cost you pay each year and divide it by the number of points. Mine comes out about $8 per thousand(K) points. In my Wyndham meetings I saw the list of resort maintenance fees. NY city was $5/Kpoints. I was told it was low because they have business that contribute. The CWA points were about $7/Kpoints. It varies from resort to resort.
As shown in above article, Wyndham will only give you $2/Kpoints versus an average of $7 or $8 per thousand. Better to throw them into RCI or give them to a friend.

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