Wyndham Ovation program

Q. What is Wyndham Ovation?
A. Wyndham Ovation is Wyndham’s exit program. In order to qualify, it must be paid off and on the list of accepted locations. If there is a loan on it, you will need to pay it off before you can use Ovation. There is no public list on what locations are accepted, as it can change. If your resort qualifies, and they offer to take it off your hands, don’t wait too long to decide. They may accept your resort this week, but not next week. It all depends on what inventory they need. If they feel they have enough Branson points, they will decline your request. If they need Canterbury points, they will accept it. 
If you decide you want out, Ovation is the easiest and fastest way to unload your timeshare. It could take up to 90 days (per the Ovation rep I spoke to), but I’ve not heard anyone say it took more than two months. I used it once, and from the time I made the call, to the time they stopped collecting fees, it was four weeks. It may not always be that fast, and it depends on how quickly you return the paperwork to them. The sooner you return the paperwork, the faster the process will be finished. In my case, there was a page with the terms and conditions I had to agree to and sign. I also had to have a quitclaim deed notarized. Some states have additional paperwork requirements that can delay things. California, for example, has tax forms that have to be signed and filled out before you can record the deed. Even if there are some delays, Ovation is typically faster than a private transfer and the maintenance fees will stop sooner. So, if you’re in a financial bind, this is the way to go.
Once Wyndham records the deed, the maintenance fees stop. With a private transfer, the closing company records the deed and sends it to Wyndham. You then have to wait for Wyndham to go through their whole process which can take as long as 14 weeks. That does not include the eight weeks it could take the closing company to gather the paperwork (including the estoppel which can take 20 days), and all parties to sign so that they can record the deed.  Longer if the closing company messes up the paperwork. In a nutshell, you’re looking at 1-2 months with Ovation versus 3-4 months with a private sale. Since you’re paying maintenance fees while you’re waiting for the process to finish, you could be paying an additional 2-3 months of maintenance fees if you go with a private sale. 
Wyndham does not buy your timeshare, but Ovation is free to you. You pay no closing fees, transfer fees, or any fees. Wyndham does the closing and paperwork. The only thing required of you is some paperwork to sign. If it’s an annual contract that you bought directly from Wyndham, it will qualify for the Limited-Edition program. The Limited-Edition program gives you three years of points to use, maintenance fee-free. If it’s a biannual or resale contract, it does not qualify for Limited-Edition. You also have to have owned it for at least a year, (according to the paperwork). However, they may make an exception depending on the situation. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, you cannot use guest certificates on reservations made with Limited Edition points. If you book with them, the reservation has to be in an owner’s name, and they have to be physically present during check-in.
One final note. A Wyndham Ovation rep and a resale broker told me, if you give back all the contracts you own, you will no longer be a member. If you try to re-join later on down the road, they will deny your request. So, if you are looking to get rid of a high maintenance fee contract so you can get a lower maintenance fee contract, make sure you get the new contract first, before starting the Ovation process. The new contract has to show up in the My Ownership section of the website. Otherwise, if you try doing both at the same time and Ovation finishes their part first, your resale transfer could be rejected.

You can find out more by calling Wyndham Ovation at 1-855-312-9040. If you purchased your points directly from a Wyndham, be sure you ask about their Limited Edition program to get three years worth of points, maintenance fee free.

If you are looking for help because you are suffering from financial difficulties, call the Wyndham Cares line at 1-866-434-9046.


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