Wyndham Club Pass

Q. What is Club Pass and how do I use it?
A. Club Pass is Wyndham’s exchange system between WorldMark and Club Wyndham. The list of participating resorts can be found in the directory. With Club Pass, you can book WorldMark locations, 9 months from check-in, for a $99 fee. WorldMark owners can book Club Wyndham resorts through their Club Pass program as well, 9 months from check-in.  Here are a few important points to be aware of:
1.      At the time of this writing, the only way to book a Club Pass reservation is by calling the reservation line. You cannot book Club Pass through the website.
2.      Only points bought directly from Wyndham can be used for Club Pass. Bonus points and PIC points can be used as well.
3.      There is a $49 fee for guest reservations. The fee is refundable if the reservation is canceled 15 days or more of check-in.
4.      In addition to the $99 fee, you have to have one reservation transaction credit. You can purchase an additional credit while booking over the phone for $29. 
5.      If you cancel the reservation more then 15 days out, you will be refunded your points and the $99 fee. You will not be refunded the $29 reservation transaction credit fee, if applicable.
6.      Some resort locations have additional fees or taxes that will be charged at check-in. These are not paid for with your points. Call the resort to see what fees might be charged, before you book it.
7.      Reservations made 3-9 months from check-in require a 3 night stay minimum during prime season and 2-night minimum in all seasons.
8.      Reservations made within 15 days and 3 months require a two-night minimum for any season
9.      Club Pass reservations cannot be booked less than 14 days from check-in.
10.  VIP benefits do not apply at Club Pass locations. This includes free upgrades and points discounts.
11.  Some WorldMark locations have limited availability for Club Pass inventory. Even if it is low season, you will want to book as far out as you can (9 months to the day), to get your best chance of getting what you want.
Club Pass is a common sales tool used to sell people on points. If you were already leaning towards buying points, this is a nice feature. However, there is no guarantee you’ll get the resort you want or the room you want. So, don’t use this as a major factor in deciding if you want to buy. If staying at WorldMark resorts is important to you, and you plan on going often, look into buying a WorldMark contract on eBay. WorldMark owners can book 13 months out. Booking sooner, which increases your odds of getting what you want. If you live in the pacific northwest, definitely look into WorldMark as Wyndham has fewer locations there.