Wyndham’s Pet Policy

Q.  I see people with pets at the resorts.  What is Wyndham’s pet policy?

Many of us hate having to leave our four-legged family members home.  However, Wyndham says right on their website, and page 251 of the directory, that there are no pets allowed at any of their resorts.  With that said, there are resorts where not all of the rooms are owned by Wyndham.  Some resorts have rooms with different timeshare systems that do allow pets.  Some resorts have units that are wholly owned by owners and are not part of any timeshare system.  Those owners are allowed to bring their pets.  Another reason you may see pets is that some resorts with a hotel side, that allow pets on that side.  Bonnet Creek has a hotel side that allows pets.  Usually, hotel-designated rooms are separate from timeshare units.  While you may see people walking their dogs, or hear a dog barking next door, that does not mean people are violating the pet policy.  They may own a condo, be part of a different system, or be staying in the hotel side that allows pets. 

If you’re one of those people who puts a service vest on your pets to game the system, you need to realize, you’re hurting people who actually need service animals.  When people are dressing up their pets as service animals, people get suspicious of any dog with a vest.  That’s not fair to the people that genuinely need a service animal.  Don’t be THAT person.  If you hate leaving your furry friend home, don’t go on vacation to a place that does not allow pets.  If you hate leaving your pet at a kennel, try finding a friend or family member that your pup is comfortable with, that’s willing to take them in.  Do not be dishonest and try to pass your pet off as a service animal.


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