About This Site

Why was this site started?

I have been a Wyndham owner for over 11 years. I am VIP Gold and have loved every minute of my travels with Wyndham (minus the sales updates). I have gone to many locations I would not have even considered otherwise. I have taken friends and family on vacation to places they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford to go. I have gotten my money’s worth in the form of lodging savings and memories. I have made it a hobby to learn how to use my timeshare and help others learn how to get the most out of theirs.

I have spent many hours answering the same questions over and over in the Facebook groups. It is not easy to find the answers you need, that are specific to Wyndham. So I came up with this blog, to have a central place for answers to commonly asked questions. I hope that people looking for answers can find what they need here. Some of the articles are long but try to bear with me. It will be worth it.

Many of you are probably frustrated and maybe even a little nauseous.  The best way to alleviate those feelings is with knowledge.  Often times, the reason something scares us or stresses us out, is because we lack knowledge about it. The unknown is what gets to us.  Not knowing what to expect or how to handle something, creates unnecessary stress and frustration.  I hope these articles will shed some light on the questions you may have.  Maybe even solve some problems you have been running into.  Many of you have invested a lot of money in your timeshare.  It’s time to set the fear and anxiety aside and learn how to use it, so you can get the most value out of it.  That’s what I hope to help you with.

I have to throw in this disclaimer….

I am in no way employed or affiliated with Wyndham outside my timeshare ownership.  My views, that I am free to express, are my own and do not reflect the views of Wyndham or its employees and their affiliates.  This site is strictly meant to be informational and not meant to deter or encourage timeshare ownership or sales.  The owner should take some time to review the Wyndham directory and Owner 101 on the My Club Wyndham website, for Wyndham’s official policies and program guidelines.  Their policies and guidelines change from time to time. I will do my best to keep all articles up to date, but you will also find those updates on the owner portal. Information I have provided is based on my personal experiences and knowledge, as well as the experience and knowledge I have obtained while speaking with other owners.  Wyndham has not provided any input for the posts on this site.